I grew up in Three Hills, Alberta where my dad was a faculty member at Prairie Bible College. My folks were passionate about sharing the good news with unreached people. That passion spread to us as family. All three of my siblings have served for a combined total of almost 75 years in full-time ministry.

I became a Christian at a very early age. At 14 I publically committed myself to a life of full time ministry and was baptized at age 16. In 1977, I began ministry as a part time youth pastor at a Christian and Missionary Alliance Church in Kitimat, BC. Two years later Moreen and I were married, committed first of all to the Lordship of Christ and personal convictions that He wanted us to serve him full time.

I can't begin to explain to even our closest family or friends how rich our lives have been over the last 37 years of ministry together. God has graciously accomplished infinitely more than we might ask or imagine (Ephesians 3:20)


I was blessed to grow up in a loving Christian home in Abbotsford, BC. I too became one of God's children when I was a young child. I remember the time well.

For many years I understood that God loves the world, but had a hard time comprehending that God loves ME. God has brought me on a journey of discovery as I have come to understand in deeper ways the height, the depth, the length and the breadth of this amazing love for me. Of course that is a continuing journey as Ephesians 3 (my favorite chapter) tells us that "we can never fully understand" love as incomprehensible as God's. My heart is full as I am so blessed to be able to walk and talk with God throughout each day, seeking His guidance, and depending on Him to work and live through me.