Moreen's Ministry

I was only a young child when I believed that God was calling me to full time ministry as an adult. With that in mind, after I graduated from high school, I ended up at Peace River Bible Institute, a school in northern Alberta. It was there that Paul and I met. After we graduated, we began dating while Paul was pastoring and I was on staff at PRBI. After marriage, we were both on staff at the Bible School. I led a women's choir, I led a mixed music group with Paul, and I was an Administrative Assistant.

After that first year of marriage, we joined a missionary internship program which was a music and drama minstry team. We ministered with them for a year in India, Japan and Canada. After that we went into pastoral ministry where we have served these 33 years. Three of those years were in Japan as we spent time in language school and then pastored an international church (Musashino Chapel Center) in Tokyo.

In 2009 I graduated from Regent College, an International Graduate School of Theology in Vancouver, BC.

We have always worked closely in ministry and I enjoy the lifestyle God has given us during this stage of transitional ministry. We began this transient lifestyle in 2005 and even though very intense, it is also very rewarding as we see God do some great work in so many of the churches where we have ministered.

North American Baptist Women's Union (NABWU) Executive Board

I was very involved in a volunteer position as the president of Women in Focus, our Women's Department with our denomination (Canadian Baptists of Western Canada). I was also on the board of Canadian Baptist Ministries and Canadian Baptist Women as well as North American Baptist Women's Union.

In 2012 I become the president of the North American Baptist Women's Union. This is one of the seven global branches of the Baptist World Alliance Women's Department. It is a conglomerate of the Women's Departments of 17 different Baptist denominations and organizations in Canada and the US. There are 6 officers (all of us volunteer) and the Executive Board is made up of the Presidents and Executive Directors of each of the 17 member bodies. My term in this position ended in October, 2017.

Our mission statement is "encouraging women to live out kingdom life, especially in the area of helping the vulnerable." It is our desire to connect Baptist Women across North America because we believe that together we are stronger. Our desire is to inform our women of the needs around us, and encourage each woman to do what God is calling them to do to make a difference for Him. We also encourage women who are working with the vulnerable by setting up networking opportunities for them for the sake of encouragement, prayer and support.



BWA Women's Department board: Back row: Yvonne Pitter (Jamaica), Amelia Gavidi (Fiji), Sara de Barrios (Venezuela) Ksenija Magda (Croatia), Kathy James (USA), Aniko Ujvari (Hungary). Front row: beside me: Precy Caronongan (Philippines), Joina Dhlula (Zimbabwe)

The Baptist World Alliance Women's Department meets annually in various places around the world. In the summer of 2015 we put on a Women's Leadership Conference in Johannesburg, South Africa for Baptist women from across the globe. It was followed immediately by the Baptist World Alliance Congress in Durban. I am on the General Council of the Baptist World Alliance which also meets annually in the same location as the Women's Department, and have annual Executive Committee meetings as well with the North American Baptist Fellowship. Our meetings for the BWA and BWA Women's Department in the summer of 2017 were held in Chaing Mai and Bangkok, Thailand.

As of November, 2017, I am serving as fulltime Interim Executive Director of the Baptist World Alliance Women's Department. Our head office is in Washington D.C. so I will be commuting back and forth to the office there on a regular basis until we make our move from Canada to the DC area.  I will also be traveling to Brazil, Bolivia, Switzerland, Malaysia and Columbia in the coming year.

I consider these positions to be such a gift from God. I sense that God has prepared me with so many interesting past experiences that have led me to this place as He uses my gifts and abilities in this unique calling.


Preaching in India with David Sharma as translator. We were in India in 2007, ministering to pastor's and wives. I returned in 2010, leading a team of Baptist women from across Canada to work with the India Baptist Women and a school for young women there.

My dad--so proud of me at my graduation from Regent!